We make an independent analysis. We assess the Buyer's needs in detail and identify the aircraft type(s) that most closely meet those needs.

We search the market worldwide to locate the best quality and value aircraft available.

We negotiate a fair market price and make a verbal agreement to purchase on behalf of the Buyer.

We conduct an initial inspection of the aircraft, diagnosing all obvious faults.

We prepare a written Aircraft Purchase Offer and arrange for a refundable deposit (usually between 5 and 10%) to be lodged with a reputable Title & Escrow company. This allows the aircraft to be withdrawn from the market until negotiations are complete.

We arrange an in-depth Pre-Purchase Inspection (PPI) to be carried out at a reputable maintenance facility. This will cover all aspects of the aircraft, including passenger amenities, quality of furnishings and maintenance history. The cost of the PPI is initially borne by the Buyer but is later refunded by the Seller if everything is found to be satisfactory.

We prepare a draft Aircraft Purchase Agreement which is sent to both Buyer and Seller for review and formulation into a binding contract. This details such things as payment of the purchase price, delivery ferry flight, importation and re-registration, as required.

We arrange a flight test to ensure that all systems function satisfactorily.

If desired, we will arrange for painting the aircraft in a personal colour scheme and design prior to final delivery.

Finally, if required, we will arrange for the aircraft's crewing and operation, whether for purely personal use or management for charter.