We guarantee that we are only working with those airlines together, who meet our highest requirements of service and security. We take care for your aircraft charter needs, because we want to provide you with the best aircraft solutions.

We check all documents of the private jet, before you charter it
Before we offer the aircraft to you, we will have an eye on the AOC (Air Operator Certificate) , the last maintenance and the insurance of the aircraft, the flight hours of the crew, and on many further details.

Tailored to all your special

You travel for leisure, or you are going on a business trip? You have to organize one-on-one meetings or a road-show?
We will take care for it.

Whatever you are planning, we assist you. We are one phone call away

From anywhere to your preferred destination, we will offer you the right aircraft
For example: If you have long distance flights and you take a business jet, sometimes it is more convenient to take a heavy jet, because with a midsize jet you have more fuel stops and no standing height in the a/c. The heavy jet has more speed, so you gain time and have to pay less on the flight hours. But, whether you are looking for a small, midsize or a heavy Jet, a 50seater, or a Helicopter, You can be assured we will offer to you the best solution. It doesn’t matter, if you want to depart from Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, US or in the middle of nowhere.

For us:
Service’ is not a foreign word,
we are living it

You have special Catering wishes or further special requests? Please let us know. We are trying our utmost.

Before departing, during the flight, arriving…
We provide you in advance with our ‘Actual Flight Information’ to give you an overview with flight time/block time and all services and contact numbers on ground.

We will let you know immediately if there is an airport or an enroute slot.
Flight-watching you can take for granted.